A Bushfire Advice Message For Maydena, Tyenna, Mount Field and National Park

Issued At: 18/01/2019 5:09am

This message is regularly reviewed, and updated as required.

There is a bushfire at Gell River, Southwest.

There is no immediate threat.

Fire under these conditions can be difficult to control.

What to do:

People in Maydena, Tyenna, Mount Field and National Park should keep up to date by listening to ABC Local Radio or by looking at the TFS website at www.fire.tas.gov.au.

Well prepared homes are defendable in these conditions.

If you are not prepared for a bushfire, think about leaving for a safe place if it gets more dangerous.

If your family has made a bushfire survival plan, check it now.

Incident number: 18041050
Community Information:

The fire at Gell River in Southwest Tasmania continues to burn. Reduced smoke over the fire ground has revealed areas of unburnt vegetation. The current size of the fire is estimated at 18,700 hectares in size.

The fire is approximately 20km northwest of Maydena township. The southern fire edge is approximately 7km north of Adamsfield.

Resources currently deployed to the Gell River bushfire include 100 personnel and 6 aircraft. Tasmanian fire crews are being assisted by 30 specialists from the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Firefighters will continue firefighting efforts on the north eastern edge, and the southern edge, north of the Gordon Gorge.

Due to lightning strikes during the evening of 15 January, many fires have ignited across the State but particularly in the Southwest. Smoke from these fires may become visible as fire activity increases during the day.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) ask that visitors do not commence bushwalks or four-wheel driving in remote areas until further notice, while information is gathered

Fires can start and spread easily. It is important to report any new fires by phoning Triple Zero (000).

For information on current road closures, please visit the Tasmania Police website: http://www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/

For information on current track and visitor facility closures in parks and reserves, please visit the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service website www.parks.tas.gov.au > Track/Reserve Closures & Visitor Advice

People with medical conditions are advised to have a personal plan for avoiding smoke from the burn.
Advice is available from the Department of Health www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/publichealth/air/bushfire_smoke or the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania www.asthmatas.org.au

Alert Level: ADVICE
Type: vegetation fire
Last Updated: 2019-01-18
First Reported: 2018-12-28
Location: Gell River, Southwest
Status: Going
Agency: Parks & Wildlife Service
Size: 18,700 hectares
Attending Resources:

Tasmania Fire Service Resources Mobilised:
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