Equipment Permits

Who requires a permit?
... any persons installing, maintaining or repairing fire protection equipment must hold a permit issued by the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS).

What will a permit enable me to do?
... permits are required for two distinct types of fire protection equipment: one for fire protection systems; the other for 'portable' type fire protection equipment.

For fire protection systems permits, compliance with the Tasmania Fire Service Code of Practice Fire protection Systems is required. Also Appendix A - Information for prospective permit holders is required to be read and understood.

Once issued, permits legally allow you to install, maintain or repair all fire protection equipment specified in the scope of the relevant permit.

How do I get a permit?
... read through the relevant application form (refer below) and if you think you can meet the requirements, simply fill out the appropriate application, and along with all required documentation, fees etc. sendyour application to:

Tasmania Fire Service
Fire Protection Equipment Permit
GPO Box 1526

How long will it take to process a new application?
'System' permits are issued to companies. Referee reports are required to support an application. A panel consisting of TFS and industry representatives will convene to consider the application, which will take around 4 - 6 weeks to process.

For 'portable' type fire protection equipment permits, applicants must provide a statement of attainment for two compulsory and at least one elective competency from the Asset Maintenannce (Portable Fire Protection Equipment) Training Package before a permit will be issued. If all requirements are provided, applications are usually processed in five working days.

How do I renew my existing permit?
All permits issued by the TFS have an expiry date. Existing holders of systems permits who wish to renew their permits should submit a re-application form.

Application forms

Being issued with a permit under Regulation 7 of the General Fire Regulations 2010 does not preclude a permit holder from the need to comply with legislative obligations under any other Act or regulation.