Permit No Permit Holder Street Suburb Type Size / Volume Lightup Time Finish Time
19030326 private WATTLE GROVE ROAD wattle grove registered burn 120 cubic metres 12-Oct-2019 17:00 13-Dec-2019 08:00
19031217 private DORANS ROAD sandford registered burn 1 cubic metres 20-Oct-2019 17:45 20-Oct-2020 20:00
b59408 private MATHERS ROAD mawbanna registered burn 300 cubic metres 11-Nov-2019 08:00 11-Dec-2019 23:30
d54254 private HARWOOD ROAD dairy plains registered burn 10 hectares 12-Nov-2019 16:48 08-Dec-2019 20:00
d12373 private GOURLEYS ROAD montagu registered burn 10 hectares 19-Nov-2019 13:51 12-Dec-2019 12:00
19035228 private TEMCO ROAD bell bay registered burn 21-Nov-2019 05:30 21-Nov-2020 12:00
d51103 private CRESSY ROAD cressy registered burn 600 cubic metres 22-Nov-2019 09:00 10-Dec-2019 21:00
19035522 private COBBS HILL ROAD bridgewater registered burn 1 cubic metres 24-Nov-2019 14:00 24-Nov-2023 23:59
d59577 private GROOMS CROSS ROAD irishtown registered burn 100 cubic metres 25-Nov-2019 16:16 07-Dec-2019 23:59
d51427 private MUTUAL ROAD derby registered burn 20 cubic metres 28-Nov-2019 10:00 08-Dec-2019 23:59
d54237 private registered burn 4 hectares 28-Nov-2019 13:00 16-Dec-2019 23:59
d11250 private RULLA ROAD sisters creek registered burn 30 cubic metres 28-Nov-2019 15:00 10-Dec-2019 22:00
d51428 private BANCA ROAD banca registered burn 5 cubic metres 29-Nov-2019 10:36 06-Dec-2019 23:59
b24128 private registered burn 30-Nov-2019 10:30 07-Dec-2019 11:59
19036553 private VICTORIA ROAD ranelagh registered burn 1 cubic metres 01-Dec-2019 07:49 30-Dec-2019 17:30
b24130 private GORDON RIVER ROAD westerway registered burn 4 cubic metres 01-Dec-2019 17:00 07-Dec-2019 10:00
d11779 private HANSONS ROAD marrawah registered burn 20 cubic metres 03-Dec-2019 09:33 10-Dec-2019 18:00
d54240 private QUAMBY BROOK ROAD deloraine registered burn 15 cubic metres 03-Dec-2019 11:00 17-Dec-2019 11:00
d53556 private ALBURYS ROAD huonville registered burn 3 cubic metres 04-Dec-2019 08:00 11-Dec-2019 23:59
d54238 private PORTERS BRIDGE ROAD reedy marsh registered burn 30 cubic metres 04-Dec-2019 10:00 08-Dec-2019 10:00
19036935 private NORTH CRESCENT new norfolk registered burn 1 cubic metres 05-Dec-2019 11:30 05-Dec-2020 15:00
d13935 private NORTH HUON ROAD judbury registered burn 2 cubic metres 06-Dec-2019 08:17 06-Dec-2019 23:59
c12013 private BRUNY ISLAND MAIN ROAD lunawanna registered burn 6 cubic metres 06-Dec-2019 18:00 07-Dec-2019 18:00
19037019 private NEW STREET falmouth registered burn 1 cubic metres 06-Dec-2019 19:00 06-Dec-2019 23:59
19037020 private HUNTSMAN ROAD meander registered burn 1 cubic metres 06-Dec-2019 20:20 06-Dec-2019 23:00
19037021 private KUNEEAMEE STREET dodges ferry registered burn 1 cubic metres 06-Dec-2019 20:56 06-Dec-2019 23:59

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